Drugs mask symptoms in elders, rather than build health

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“Old Age Disease” Handling

When handling “Old Age Disease” (a euphemism for all the overly acid conditions that the body develops into major disease), one must address a variety of issues which are covered below.

Water – Simply remove the toxic materials without removing the alkaline minerals
Fluoride removal system
Either the Double Under the Sink Water Filtration System or the Whole House Water Filtration System
This will ensure that you and your family have clean water drink without plastic from bottles or unwanted additives and contaminants.
Alkaline BTM machine
Batch-type ONLY
50% smaller water molecule
High negative charge
BTM 3000 Hydracide from www.IdealEarthWater.com

This will provide water that has a high-penetration capability to clean the cells deeply. This water needs to be consumed on a gradient scale. It is different for every person.

  1. Air
    a. Hyperbaric chamber – Disease hates Oxygen
    a.i. Hyperbaric medicine, also known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), is the medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure. The equipment required consists of a pressure chamber, which may be of rigid or flexible construction, and a means of delivering 100% oxygen.
    a.ii. “The Chamber of Hope”
    a.iii. (727) 895-HOPE (4673)
    P.O. BOX 848326
    HOLLYWOOD, FL 33084
    ***Make sure when you go, you make sure to say you had No Chemo. Cannot be late for appts. ***
    b. Bag/Tents O3 (Ozone)
    Extra Oxygen provides aid to bodies suffering from low energy and a low immune system.
  2. Body’s Filter
    a. Liver and Gallbladder cleanse
    a.i. From Winston Kao
    b. Kidney cleanse
    b.i. From Winston Kao
    When the body’s filtration systems get clogged, the end result is rapid aging. Cleansing ones organs regularly is one of the key factors why the oldest people on the planet live so long.
  3. High Vegetable diet, NOT Vegan!
    a. Meat, broth, vegetable, probiotic, blender (place vegetables in blender and pour hot broth on top and blend – this minimally cooks the vegetables, cracks the cells open and gives maximum nutrient levels)

When one has a crisis due to over-acidity, it is always a good idea to go on a vegetarian diet for a SHORT time period to cleanse the body. It is never advised to make it a lifestyle, as one can easily create serious deficiencies with our present day, low mineral, low vitamin, low protein vegetables.

  1. Probiotic
    a. Inner Garden, Rest Easy or Rest Easy Solids – Turmeric Gold (preferred)
    b. From www.TurboChargedTurmeric.com
    c. Must call the store for the Rest Easy Solids (Turmeric Gold) 727-447-2344
    d. This should also be added to the vegetable broth blend
    Probiotics are vital to everyone’s health. They are the key to digestion and energy. Without the proper families and species of probiotics, one cannot expect to have proper digestion and certainly, one should expect lower energy. In this day and age, one also needs to be aware of genetically engineered probiotics (GMOs). In America, there are no labeling laws required for GMO products. So buyers, beware!
  2. Water and grapefruit or lemon – FRESH fruit only
    a. Processed juices simply make the body more acidic
    Hydration and reduction of acidity by consumption of fresh water that is NOT alkaline no a daily basis is vital to health. The addition of fresh grapefruit or lemon juice increases hydration and reduces acidity. When consuming alkaline water, one needs to follow the specific instructions.
  3. Minerals
    a. Celtic sea salt
    a.i. http://www.celticseasalt.com/
    b. Potassium
    c. Bio plasma
    d. Cell salts
    e. Sea Electrolytes
    e.i. http://shop.turbochargedturmeric.com/Sea-Electrolytes.html
    Minerals are the key building blocks. One needs both organic minerals for nutrition and inorganic minerals for electrical conductivity.
  4. Colema Boards
    a. Around $250
    b. A simple Google search will give you a variety
    c. Buy the Deluxe model, as this will last 20+ years. The other cheaper boards will break in a couple of years.
    The colon reabsorbs moisture from the fecal matter. If one has high levels of toxins in their fecal matter, it will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream causing headaches and other issues.
    A colema board can relieve the toxic pressure from the colon and intestines.
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