Winston Kao has been a researcher and innovator for nearly 30 years in the fields of health, nutrition, water quality, agriculture, trace minerals and soil-based micro-organisms. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of agriculture as it relates to water, nutrition, and microbial enhancement. Winston’s discoveries address the root causes of common health issues including low energy, improper digestion, and poor metabolism. His innovations make brilliant use of Mother Nature’s Laws and have provided real solutions to thousands worldwide.

Winston Kao | Environmental Researcher & Innovator

Winston is an American-born Chinese. His father, Chung-Chin Kao, was the inventor of the Chinese Teletypewriter. His grandfather was a silk merchant who automated silk growing and harvesting methods, and his great grandfather was a brain surgeon, a rarity in China in the early 19th Century. Though born in America, Winston grew up in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He has spent his adult life in the United States.

Winston majored in biology and chemistry at the University of Miami. Military service during the Vietnam war interrupted his studies and he found himself working in the US Navy’s medical and dental facilities in Taiwan. While in the military, Winston began to observe nutritional deficiencies in servicemen from all walks of life and all ages, leading him to question the existing “nutritional truths” of the day.  Upon completing his four-year tour of duty, he returned to the States to continue his studies at Sonoma State University.

The more Winston researched the area of nutrition and agriculture as it relates to health of both humans and animals, the more interested he became in researching and resolving the problems of lowered immune systems and the increased frequency of “old-age” diseases occurring in younger generations.

His 30 years of research have resulted in pioneering advanced soil-based microorganism technology and water restructuring technology as they apply to:

• agriculture
• animal husbandry
• waste water management
• global environmental decontamination – soils, oceans, rivers & lakes
• human health

Key components of Winston’s success are the water filtration systems he designed specifically to remove fluoride, chloramines, chlorine, and other toxic materials to NON-DETECTABLE LEVELS, all WITHOUT removing beneficial minerals.

 Winston’s goal is to provide you with the best possible products, accurate information about health and the water you drink.

Winston’s Motto: “I work with Mother Nature, not against her!”

For more education and personalized consultations you can contact Winston via phone M-F 9-5 pm Eastern Standard Time

 at (727) 447-2344 or via our Contact Form.